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Investment in fiber cement siding is one of the greatest investment decisions you can make for your home. It is one of the most durable siding options in the market, it is cheaper than most options, it is low maintenance, and when manufactured and installed the right way, it can even successfully emulate wood siding with its wood grain. 

On average, fiber cement siding can last up to fifty years. Unless your area is constantly exposed to extreme weather events, fiber cement sidings typically do not need any regular maintenance or inspection. It is also not subject to mold, rot, or insect damage. This makes fiber cement as really one of the most superior siding options that are available in the market right now. 

Since it barely needs any maintenance and is extremely durable, you may never even need to replace your fiber cement siding throughout your lifetime. This makes fiber cement a once in a lifetime investment for most households.

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Why Choose Atlanta Fiber Cement Siding Pros?

The key to getting the most out of your fiber cement siding or fiber cement boards is to have them installed by contractors that truly specialize in cement or concrete siding. If not properly installed, you risk compromising the material into something less durable and, therefore, more prone to damage. This disallows you from getting the most out of your investment. 

Here at Atlanta Fiber Cement Siding Pros, our siding contractors are trained to help you get the most durability out of your cement or concrete siding. This means you are getting all the benefits of fiber cements and less or none of its disadvantages. 

Also, here at Atlanta Fiber Cement Siding Pros, our commitment to the best quality of service has led us to primarily using James Hardie Industry products like its hardie boards, hardie board siding, hardiplank siding, or hardy plank siding. This is because not all fiber cement siding or fiber cement boards are built the same. In order to ensure that our siding contractors are installing only the most durable, here at Atlanta Fiber Cement Siding Pros, we only trust James Hardie Industries Products.

Our Fiber Cement Siding Services

Our services here at Atlanta Fiber Cement Siding Pros start from fiber cement siding installation, fiber cement board siding, concrete siding, cement siding replacement, up to fiber cement siding repair. 

As our trusted manufacturer of choice, we also specialize in the use and installation of James Hardie products from Hardie Board Siding installation, hardy plank siding, hardiplank, or hardieplank siding, as well as hardie cement board installations and replacements. 

Our choice of durable materials and our highly trained and specialized siding contractors has allowed Atlanta Fiber Cement Siding Pros as one of the most trusted siding contractors here in the Decatur, GA area.

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Thinking of making a switch to fiber cement siding options? Look no further than Atlanta Fiber Cement Siding Pros to assist you every step of the way. 

For fiber cement siding installation, fiber cement board siding replacement, to fiber cement board repair, call Atlanta Fiber Cement Siding Pros today.