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One of the most widely used materials in construction most specifically in roofs and wall siding is the Fiber Cement Siding. This technology has been with us for decades but is getting more attention now. With house innovations that are more economical, minimalistic, and functional in designs, siding options are getting fewer and popular materials and technology are identified like Hardie board and fiber cement sidings. This is very common most especially in Europe and United States where climate condition is near extremes. The coldness or hotness of the temperature makes fiber cement board siding more ideal because it can protect the interior of the house optimally. Its water-resistant features make it even tougher and superior to any kind of siding options available in the market.

Some of the popular wall siding options are wood, vinyl, and stucco. But fiber cement or cement siding is usually referred to as the positive characteristics of these three which are lightness, longevity, and resistance to water and wind. Gone are the days when asbestos is primarily used as a material to create exterior sidings of houses and other establishments. However, because of the health hazards, it poses to children and older individuals, asbestos gradually becomes unpopular and eventually discontinued to mitigate health risks such as lung cancer and mesothelioma. Thus, for the much safer, cheaper, and more resilient siding, the fiber cement siding is preferred.

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How can I benefit from using Fiber Cement Siding?

The most basic and obvious reason why fiber cement siding is beneficial more than other siding options is because of its superior quality and performance. Compared to any other siding options, the hardieplank siding, especially the hardy board that was invented by James Hardie is widely used. There is a countless reason why you should opt for fiber cement siding and not waste your money and resources to another siding option. We have prepared a few reasons why you should use it in your next home project:


unlike wood, fiber cement siding is durable and resilient despite harsh weather conditions. Its technology is designed to withstand any condition such as heavy rain and hailstorms. Fiber cement siding is also made to last for at least a decade which makes it economical for any users or homeowners. With the proper care and light maintenance, the fiber cement siding can be an ultimate siding option for any house and building properties both for household residential and commercial properties alike.


the average lifespan of fiber cement siding or commonly referred to as hardieplank siding or cement siding is thirty years. Some researchers and industry experts even suggested that with the proper amount of care, right weather and climate conditions, and maintenance, the fiber cement hardy plank material could last of up to fifty years. With these scientific findings, fiber cement siding tops all siding options. While other few materials can last longer, hardy board or James Hardie siding is superior because it is economical which gives it more leverage.

Weather resistant

if you are looking for an exterior siding options to protect the exterior wall sidings of your home, fiber cement siding can be your savior. Usually, in places where extreme heat or moisture (rainfall) is present, fiber cement siding is used. This is because fiber cement siding contractors prefer recommending the material as it ultimately performs optimally in this weather. External weather elements such as wind, sunlight, rainfall, snow, and dirt are the factors that effects deterioration not only on your exterior wall sidings but the whole house. Upgrading to fiber cement siding can get you an advantage and economical value.

Fire resistant

If there is one feature that is to be considered when building a house, it is protection. The best thing is that fiber cement siding can guarantee protection as it is fire resistant. It performs well in high heat with exposure to fire. The material does not get burned down easily.

Low Maintenance

because it is durable and resilient, it does not require frequent maintenance. When you buy fiber cement siding hardiplank, you can save up on two different occasions: first is when you buy the material, and second when you are maintaining it. Rinsing and running the walls with water easily washes the dirt and dusts off easily. It does not even require you to scrub the surface.


one of the reasons why fiber cement siding is becoming more popular nowadays is that it has aesthetic value. Interior and exterior designers, architects, and engineers usually recommend the use of fiber cement siding for houses. Its minimalist, clean, and sleek design make the material qualified for any modern or contemporary designs.

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