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Fiber Cement Siding technology is one of the most durable housing exterior materials for your walls. It is preferred by millions of individuals worldwide because of its strong quality and economic value. Hardie board siding or commonly referred to as Hardie board is expected to last up to a decade or two if taken care of well. Its durability and resilience to external elements such as wind, sunlight, rainfall, snow, and dirt make it one of the toughest construction materials available in the market.

While fiber cement siding is said to last for decades with minimal to zero repairs, it is still not permanent and could take damage. Constant pressures and stresses from external factors can make the material weak over time. Also, fiber cement siding, like any other siding materials is not indestructible and can sustain damage as well. In this case, doing the job on your own might be counterproductive and costly. Fiber cement siding repair requires expertise and skill that our fiber cement siding contractors have.

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How to spot damage on your fiber cement siding?

Fiber cement siding is tough and resilient. However, while it is believed to have durable features, it is still not permanent and can still sustain damages. It is important for your fiber cement sidings to receive repairs and patches when it is due. Otherwise, the sustained damage will become larger as days go by without treating it. Repairing it requires skills, knowledge, and more importantly, tools that can refine any repair job. Here’s a list on how to spot a damage so you know when to get a fiber cement siding repair of your hardy board and hardiplank siding: 

Small cracks

Small cracks are one of the most common damages to fiber cement sidings. It can be sustained when a hard sharp or blunt object hits the cement surface strong enough to for it to sustain a small opening. Eventually, these small cracks can lead to bigger cracks due to the repeated stress or pressure. It is most common most especially in the part of the house where physical activities are present such as garages and small warehouses. Usually, when lighting is poor, these damages in your composite siding are nearly invisible to the eye. A keen eye and attention to detail can spot up small cracks and damages in your hardy plank. Despite having the fiber cement materials and characteristics, your exterior James Hardie siding is not invulnerable to these damages and must still be repaired properly and with the knowledge of our expert siding contractors.


There is usual mold formation during spring, fall, and summer when the conditions are right, and the moisture is just right to form a decay. Spores may spring up in less than 24 hours. With the provision of the needed elements such as cellulose, spores may multiply rapidly. The composite siding or fiber cement siding is vulnerable to mold most especially when it is consistently receiving water or moisture and it does not dry up properly. Molds may come in different colors and it can even mimic the color of the surface it is attached to. An expert’s keen eye is important to spot molds and proper chemicals and tools are needed to treat them.


Just like cracks, holes are a common sign of damages in your hardieplank siding. Holes are sustained when there is a hard blow on the surface through a strong rounded object. Holes are easily fixed most especially when it is still small. It can be patched up by various materials. However, big holes are hard to repair as they will be visible to the eye despite repaired. Hence, if you have big holes, you may want to consider replacing your hardiplank siding. In addition, holes are a breeding ground for pests and insects. They use the holes to hide from predators and nests as well. Patching up the holes is important so that you can avoid these little annoying woes of your hardy plank or Hardie board.


Scrubbing and rubbing the surface of your James Hardie siding repeatedly destroys the paint job of the concrete siding. Composite siding is not supposed to be rubbed repeatedly with force as it will dull the surface and may destroy the aesthetic design texture that it is supposed to give to your external wall. Many siding options are vulnerable to this and nothing is ever invulnerable to this kind of damages. Even a wall with 100$ cement material is still vulnerable to this kind of damage.

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