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Hardie Board Siding, Atlanta, GA

An innovative solution for home and commercial exterior needs, James Hardie invented what we call now the Hardie board siding. It is made of fiber cement technology that is designed and built to endure exterior pressure to any external elements such as wind, sunlight, rainfall, snow, and dirt. This material is made of the finest materials such as cellulose fibers, cement, sand, and water. Together, these raw materials form a durable and resilient construction material called the James Hardie siding or most commonly called Hardie board siding. This fiber cement siding is installed by siding contractors using modern technological tools and skills.

The hardiplank siding or commonly referred to as Hardie board siding or James Hardie siding is recognized worldwide as a great innovation and solution to any exterior home needs. In some cases, it is also utilized as a roofing solution as it offers excellent water resistance and performs well during typhoons and hales. Its solid outside layer creates a blockage from moisture protecting the inner layer and the deeper walling or roofing systems of your house. Many siding contractors and engineers prefer the Hardie board siding or hardy board as an alternative to base cement because it is easier to install and has great economic value. Using this also improves the turnaround time of any project compared to traditional cement.

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What makes Hardie Board superior?

This type of cement siding has grown its popularity since the 80s but its relevance and value are still present up to date. The wide use of Hardie board siding cement both domestic and international proves that many siding contractors prefer fiber cement and hardy plank as exterior siding solutions for any type of home and commercial establishments. With its popularity comes its innovation and product development. A variety of textures and colors are now available along with its affordable price. Because of this, Hardie board siding is even flexible in serving your exterior construction needs. We have listed up a few core elements that make the Hardie board siding a superior solution:


Fiber cement board siding or most commonly referred to as hardy plank is one of the most durable products. Considering other exterior siding solutions, the fiber cement board technology is arguably the toughest because of the materials used in this product. Satisfaction is guaranteed as proper installation of fiber cement board siding makes the material last for up to a decade without requiring any major repairs. In addition, its resiliency from wind, sunlight, rainfall, snow, and dirt made it popular for homeowners as frequent cleaning and maintenance are no longer needed. It can also be cleaned, and dusts can be washed by rinsing the surface with water through a non-pressurized hose.


Hardie board siding is guaranteed to last up to a decade. If cared for properly, it can last up to three decades with minor repair requirements only to make. This is because the fiber cement is designed to withstand any pressure and stress from external forces and elements most especially in states where climates are extreme, and weathers are erratic.

Pest resistance

one of the most common problems of household owners is pests and insects. Bees, bats, ants, and even rats are the most common animals that live amongst us where waste and food scraps are present. The Hardie board siding is designed to be pest-resistant with its hard and durable exterior that is impenetrable. These thick and anti-pest resistant materials are specially designed to keep insects and animals away.

Fire resistant

During fires, the hardy plank or Hardie board siding is the last to be burned down to ashes. The materials such as sand and cement make it fire resistant and cannot easily be engulfed in flames. This characteristic is very ideal for any homeowners and commercial establishments owners alike as it gives them buffer and protection from fires coming from the outside of their property. During an emergency, the exterior siding that is made up of fiber cement board acts as a thick layer of protection extending time to recover and save items from your house.

Aesthetic Value

because of its innovation, the Hardie cement board siding is widely available in various selections of colors and textures. It is also designed to replicate wood lap boards, shingles. And wood finish sidings. It also comes with an unlimited selection of colors. These new features and additions made the James Hardie siding or the Hardie board siding a superior product available for your exterior home siding needs.

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